Press Room

A new dimension for pan-African news launches on November 15th, 2018.
Mynewsafrica is a new pan-African media, pioneering multilingual and independent news telling expertise in Ghana,Africa and the global world. On the ground, correspondents report from all corners of the continent on African and global news and business stories from an African perspective. Mynewsafrica, dedicated 24/7 multi-platform news service, provides Africans with the essential experience they demand. Mynewsafrica is available online, on social networks and on, the website fully responsive design and suitable for mobiles and tablets. Mynewsafrica is a 100% independent news online and finance by the Dama Academia Publisher (

Key Figures &Team
The genesis
The Mynewsafrica project was initiated in 1st November 5, 2018 by Michael Peters, Dr. David Ackah, PhD the CEO of Dama Academia Publisher (Research Journal) to respond to people’s search for an independent African media, that would not side politically nor have any ideological preference. For advice, Dr. Ackah brought George Fynn, a well-reputed Africa specialist, into the project. He was joined by Cecil Nii Obodai Wentum, Mynewsafrica director of editorial development and Ghana broadcaster who currently work with GBC and host of Unique FM Morning Show.

The people behind
5 professional from Ghana work together to produce simultaneously in English up-to-the-minute news. With George Fynn along with Cecil Nii Obodai Wentum, Mynewsafrica Editorial Director. The whole team includes journalists and correspondents, online community editors, social community managers, technical and administrative staff.

Diversity of views
Mynewsafrica has no political agenda. It has a total editorial freedom, with no influence from institutions, states, companies, persons. It is made by a team of professional journalists coming from different African countries. Mynewsafrica is easily accesible and made for a Pan-African audience. Starting with English, there are many more languages to come. The charter is based on freedom of expression and editorial independence limited only by respect for the facts. To serve this purpose of independence, Mynewsafrica will dedicate its antennas and platforms to the promotion of diversity. Mynewsafrica believes diversity is the cornerstone of credibility. Its newsroom is the home of journalists of multiple African nationalities, and conveys a wide diversity of African views. Consequently, each single viewer will be able to form his own opinion.

What is the business model for Mynewsafrica?
Mynewsafrica is based on a model financed by advertising, distribution, production and partnerships revenues. Partnerships for content co-production and development of regional offices are of major importance to ensure Mynewsafrica’ growth and independence.

Advertising opportunities on Mynewsafrica will enable African and international advertisers to reach the African audience via a complete communication package: advertisements spread across the 24-hour schedule will cover all time zones and all formats including and mobile applications, along with opportunities for sponsorship of TV and key online programs (business, special reports, weather…) or linked to business and cultural events covered by the Mynewsafrica team of journalists.

Birth of a unique independent media group
Editorially independent from International Editorial Standards and from any political or ideological agenda, Mynewsafrica is designed as the first pan-African multilingual news service. Sharing the same values of independence, reliability and diversity, Mynewsafrica will have fruitful interactions, enriching each other’s content, perspectives, much to the benefit of the audience who will always have insider’s views. Interaction between Africa and the world is growing as Africa rises. The Mynewsafrica will be at the center of this phenomenon.