About Mynewsafrica

Mynewsafrica Online offers Ghana, Africa and the global world from coast to coast a host of news and information – from breaking news in their community to deep engaging content that puts complex world issues in perspective. Our local newsrooms provide up-to-the-minute community-based news, weather and information, while our national coverage features stories, analysis and deep, engaging content about issues in Ghana, Africa and the global world. We leverage the strength to tell our stories in ways that make a difference: through video, text, photographs and interactive features. And we deliver those stories to Ghana, Africa and the global world wherever and whenever they want: through the web, mobile devices, email alerts, RSS feeds, and the world of social media.


At Mynewsafrica we believe in people’s intelligence and that News is not a matter of having preconceptions. Mynewsafrica is a media for all views and voices, ideas and perspectives. Mynewsafrica aims to support Ghana and Africa Rising and to empower African people by giving access to independent, trustworthy and relevant national, regional and international news, business, culture, sport, sci-tech stories.


Dr. David Ackah, PhD the CEO of Dama Academia Publisher (Research Journal) and Mynewsafrica, initiated the ‘Mynewsafrica’ project in 1st November, 2018. In response to the question “Why Mynewsafrica?” Dr. David Ackah, PhD answered: “Ghana as an African country is a land of opportunities. It is a continent which is rising. But why can’t we hear what the Ghanaians have to say, not only on Ghanaian or African affairs, but on world affairs too? The demand for unbiased News is unmet. There is a gap to fill. This is why we are launching Mynewsafrica to pioneer independent News from the Ghanaian African perspective. A new adventure starts for a fully-fledged Pan-African network whose unique mission is empowering people through independent and reliable news.”


Our Mission

Mynewsafrica is a new pan-African media, pioneering news online and independent news telling expertise in Ghana and Africa beyond. On the ground, correspondents report from all corners of the continent on African and global news and business stories from an African perspective. This is important as in continent where there is divided along political lines; in their countries like Ghana where the media is mainly aligned to major political parties, and where news reports and analyses are twisted in favor of government and political parties, Mynewsafrica seeks to be the voice of truth and dignity with respect to news reporting in Ghana, Africa and the Global World.


“Our mission is to provide precise, insightful reports and news stories for the benefit of Ghanaians, Africans and the Global World”

With fact, precise, insightful, balance and fairness being our core values, everything we do as Mynewsafrica will be solely independent, unbiased and executed with the utmost integrity. Mynewsafrica, dedicated 24/7 multi-platform news service, provides Africans with the essential experience they demand.


Our Vision

Mynewsafrica seeks to affect optimistic change and stimulate national development in Ghana, Africa and beyond using the Internet and social media as our basic tools. To become the most credible and respected online media network in Africa and beyond.


The media

Mynewsafrica Online is the new pan-African news media, unique in its concept and vision. Mynewsafrica covers sub-African and international news and business stories 24/7 in English languages from the Ghanaian and African perspective. Mynewsafrica adheres to the same editorial charter as the International Editorial Standards, guaranteeing its independence. Mynewsafrica is striving to deliver factually-correct information in a non-superficial format. Uninfluenced by political interests, the Mynewsafrica team of more than 10 professional journalists and editors from multiple African countries work together to serve the African audience, driven by an uncompromising journalism. Mynewsafrica is headquartered in Ghana and work closely with an extensive network of correspondents across the continent.


Mynewsafrica online, all the time

On November 15th, 2018, Mynewsafrica Online is launched globally on all screens and media platforms and is be available worldwide via Mynewsafrica.com, built to fit all devices, whatever the connection available. Henceforth, Mynewsafrica is broadcasted by online news portal domain www.mynewsafrica.com all over Ghana, Africa and the global world (SES 4 + SES 5). Mynewsafrica offers also tailor-made programmes, live streaming, VOD and interactiveservices on internet and mobile devices.